Marijuana and the Bible

Marijuana and the Bible

The legalization of recreational marijuana is considered to be a revolutionary step in the progression of society. But is it? Is it really a good thing to legalize another mind-altering vice into society? Do we know everything about this drug? What does the Bible say about such things? This article will shed light on marijuana and the Bible.

The United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are thrusting hastily into a marijuana nirvana. But at what cost?

What is Marijuana?


Marijuana and the Bible - What is Marijuana?

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant. An original inhabitant of Central or South Asia, the plant has been used as a drug for recreational and entheogenic purposes and in many traditional medicines for hundreds of years. Other names include Ganja, Grass, Hash, Pot, and Weed.

The Cannabis plant contains chemicals that affect the brain and can change one’s mood or consciousness.

Medical Use?

Not all Cannabis plants contain the chemical (THC) that has a hallucinogenic effect on the brain and makes individuals high. It is widely believed that this form of Cannabis has medicinal qualities and is known as CBD. CBD has become known as a natural and safe healing miracle substance that can cure many ailments, and it is a mild and safe substance with no downside. These ailments include Cancer, Parkinson’s’, back pain, depression, and nausea. However, the advocates for marijuana’s ultimate goal have been to legalize recreational Marijuana using medical uses as an entranceway to recreational use. However, is Marijuana the cure-all is the cure-all it’s claimed to be?

Marijuana and the Bible - CBD Oil

The Ohio Medical Control Program dispenses Marijuana for medical use according to the Ohio bill signed into law in 2016, making it legal for medicinal purposes. The following medical conditions qualify under the program

  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • Spinal cord disease or injury
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • PTSD
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Pain that is either chronic and severe or intractable
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Hepatitis C
  • Glaucoma
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Epilepsy or another seizure disorder
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Chronic traumatic encephalopathy
  • Cancer
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease

This list is quite extensive and makes Marijuana quite a wonder drug, or is it?

Dr. Gary Wank, who sat on the Medical Marijuana Medical Committee in 2016, is open-minded and was not against trials on a number of ailments. He stated in an article in Psychology Today, “If you suffer from one of these disorders, the most important question to ask your recommender is whether you can benefit from using marijuana. If your recommender says “yes” then you can be certain that he or she is ignorant of the current state of medical research on marijuana. In other words, there is no reliable medical clinical evidence to support the use of marijuana for any of these conditions—none at all.”

A more recent British study examined the effectiveness of Cannabis for these six (6) mental health conditions: Depression, Anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Psychosis. The results were printed in the Lancet Pscharity Journal. London’s independent reported the scientists findings on October 28, 2019, that combined 83 studies that involved three thousand participants recommended their use for the six mental health conditions could not be justified based on the current evidence.

They further stated that this is due to a lack of evidence for their effectiveness and because of the known risks of Cannabinoids.

It appears that the advocates have promoted a cure looking for a disease. However, this does not mean there will be no medical uses for Cannabis, as many medicines are derived from plants. The issue is that there has been an agenda all along, and activists have dishonestly sold through anecdotal testimonies that it is a cure-all when proper testing is lacking.

Marijuana libertarian Alex Berenson, author of the book, Tell Your Children The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence, published in 2019, did research and reviewed some studies. What he learned surprised him and turned him into an outspoken critic of marijuana, setting him on a path to inform the public of its history and consequences. His findings are:

  • There is an agenda behind medical marijuana. To legalize medical marijuana
  •  Marijuana is linked to mental health problems. There has always been a known link between cannabis use and mental health issues such as psychosis and schizophrenia. However, the problem is more significant today.

Today’s marijuana is very different from the 1960 and ’70s when THC levels were 1 to 2%. However, with the onset of the 1990s, producers initiatedworking towards increasing the THC content to in access of 25%, ushering in an increase in mental health problems.

Researchers are aware that there is a time-lapse in the time mental illness begins and when an individual first engages in using cannabis. Therefore, it was no surprise when increased problems increased after 2000.

Researchers in Denmark recently observed that their mental illness registry had a significant increase in schizophrenia cases of about 30% from 2000 to 2012. Additionally, the higher levels of THC appear to contribute to another more significant trend. When they observed 30 to 59 aged adults, psychiatrists expected schizophrenia and bipolar disorder to become evident by the late twenties. However, the researchers found that 46 out of 100,000 individuals in the over-30 group received a new Psychosis diagnosis every year. This high rate of actual cases after age 30 contrasts with conventional wisdom.

  • Cannabis is linked to violence. The majority think of marijuana as a wholly calming drug. But is it? According to a 2016 Psychology Today article, new research in the journal Psychological Medicine concludes that perpetual use of cannabis may cause violent behavior due to changes in brain function. This link between the use of recreational marijuana and violent behavior resulting in crimes in contrast to alcohol, meth, and other illegal drugs has been long debated by researchers. The mellowing effects of Cannabis seem unacceptable for promoting violent behavior. However, ample research has linked marijuana to violent behavior.

It is important to note that most individuals do not exhibit violent behavior, but a small percentage do, and the problem can arise suddenly without any warning.

Other adverse effects of significant marijuana use found in various studies include:

  • Loss of motivation
  • Addiction
  • Brain impairment and mental health
  • Lung and heart damage
  • Cancer risk—Although studies are inconclusive; some have made a strong link.

Yet, despite what has been mentioned above, efforts to legalize the use of marijuana for both “medicinal” and recreational purposes continue to grow. These efforts are succeeding in the halls of state and national governments. Unfortunately, the drug is not as harmless as advocates claim.

For several years, the Partnership for a Drug-Free Canada has presented reputable, peer-reviewed scientific studies showing the dangers and social and economic costs of marijuana use. However, despite the endorsement of health experts, social pressure and the lure of increased tax revenue are driving the political mechanism.

Could society benefit from legalizing pot? Is there a larger picture to consider?

So what is the Benefit?

It is interesting that even though Western nations live in a time of excessive prosperity compared to any other period, so many in our population today, the youth, in particular, search for what is basically an escape from reality in mind-altering drugs. Lavishness flourishes in our lives, yet many run after hallucinogenic drugs. With the problems that already exist with alcohol (e.g., alcoholism, drunken driving, loss of work, violent behavior, even loss of life), why do we need to add another destructive player to this negative playbook by legalizing Marijuana? Make no mistake; unfortunately, people will die due to legalizing marijuana.

Some will say, well, people will do it anyway.

It is evident that not all is right. Something is indeed missing. Our day-to-day lives are not satisfying, and we are not finding pleasure in our work and relationships with family and friends. We seek transitory pleasure through intoxication with drugs that bring all sorts of potential harm. Perhaps it is time to inspect our lives a little more closely.

Eccl 3:11 says, “He [God] has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” NIV

God has “planted eternity in the hearts of men.” What this means is that we can never be totally content with earthly pleasures and pursuits. In view of the fact that we are created in God’s image, we have a spiritual thirst and eternal value. Therefore, nothing but the eternal God can truly satisfy us. He has built in us a restless yearning for the perfect world that can only be found in his perfect rule.

Marijuana and The Bible - Eccl. 3:11

However, we fail to recognize this either out of ignorance or rebellion and attempt to fill this yearning with earthly things, such as excessive shopping for things, relationships, excessive work, and drugs and alcohol. However, these things only create a futile downward spiral. Therefore, there is no more of a benefit than any of the other vices the world engages.

We do not have to live this way because we can elect a way of life that provides happier lives for our families and ourselves. Therefore, we can avoid choices that create trouble and gruesome realities from which we wish to escape. We must fill this void with God and His Word.

What Does the Bible Say?

Marijuana and the Bible

Although the Bible does not mention anything specific regarding the recreational use of marijuana, it clearly warns about the dangers of drunkenness and cautions that it leads to overindulging. For example, Eph. 5:18 reads, “And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;” and Proverbs 23:20 counsels against surrounding ourselves with those who are drunk, and reads, “Be not among winebibbers; among riotous eaters of flesh:”

Recreational marijuana can trigger a mind-altering high that is comparable to drunkenness. Both can cause impaired judgment, cognitive dysfunction, restlessness, coordination and reflex issues. Based on that, it is viable that the Bible’s warnings against drunkenness can also be applied to marijuana intoxication.

Paul’s instruction to Titus, a young colleague in Crete, included an exhortation on soberness. Titus 2:6 reads, “Similarly, encourage the young men to be self-controlled.” NIV

Self-control is the opposite of being high, stoned, drunk, or in any other condition in which we are not in control of our minds. One of the elements that are essential for happiness and success is self-control. The Bible also stresses the need to be in control of our minds at all times. Gal 5:22-23 reads:

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

The fact of the matter is self-control cannot be exercised when one is drunk or high on a mind-altering substance. When in that state of mind, one is at risk of actions and words that can be regretted for life. The possible addictions that result can devastate families, careers, reputations, and potential. A sober mind is an invaluable defense against such tragedies.

We are entering a difficult and dangerous period in our lives. Nations have outright rejected teachings on proper behavior, ethics, and morality that were formerly revered. The concept that humankind is the creation of a God who gave instructions preserved through His sacred text is no longer widely accepted in the Western world, and the moral guidelines that directed behavior are no longer considered valid. At the same time, social order has started to unravel without such a set of moral directives.

The sad truth is that the Bible is slowly being canceled.

Comments, questions, concerns, or experiences with marijuana can be left below.

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40 thoughts on “Marijuana and the Bible”

  1. Thank you for sharing this article on marijuana and the Bible. It raises thought-provoking questions about the legalization of recreational marijuana and its potential impact on society. While the Bible does not explicitly mention marijuana, it does caution against drunkenness and emphasizes the importance of self-control. These principles can be applied to the use of mind-altering substances, including marijuana. The article highlights concerns about the potential negative effects of marijuana use, such as mental health issues and violence. It also encourages a deeper examination of our lives and the pursuit of true satisfaction and fulfillment. Ultimately, it suggests that filling the void with God and His Word can lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.

    1. Amen, Jason, the legalization of recreational marijuana is another avenue for the enemy to attack the world. Thanks for commenting!

  2. The rate at which nations now enact laws that are not in line with the scripture is alarming and heart broken. I agree with the wide use of marijuana I’m drugs and other essential substances. But it becomes a thing of concern when it’s legalized for recreational use. The rate of abuse will increase and the hazards too will increase. 

    1. Greetings, Parameter – The legalization of recreational marijuana is another avenue for the enemy to attack society, ultimately leading to further degradation.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Hi Nathaniel, are you a pastor? It seems you’re so knowledgeable about the Bible and the reminders that are written there for us. Thanks for the heads up reminding people about the dangers of giving in to worldly pleasures. Just like in the Bible days, people these days are becoming hard-headed they just want to do what it pleases them. You’re right, the Bible is getting canceled nowadays, and that’s sad.

    Cannabis, with all its health benefits, its use should remain under the supervision of the medical professionals. For in this case, abuse of the substance can be avoided. People are fickle-minded they would do it away if not supervised by qualified medical professionals. A drop of CBD oil may be okay, but if abused or taken in enormous amount, that’s where the danger comes in and addiction follows.

    This is my first time here in your blog and I’d like to express my gratitude for sharing Biblical truth online. I’m signing up for new updates in this blog.

    1. Greetings, Gomer – No, I am not a pastor, just a Christian who is led to share the truth. For sure, the abuse of drugs has been the poison that has wrecked our society. Yet, we’ve legalized another one in some states in the US, fueling that abuse.

      Thanks for commenting.

      I sincerely welcome you as a subscriber to the website and that you will be blessed with all of the articles written and the ones to come.


  4. This article strongly lays out the scientific, social, moral, and spiritual reasons that we should not be rushing forward with the legalization of this very harmful substance. It’s hard to add to the extensive list of issues but as a special education teacher, it wouldn’t surprise you to know the devastation that this and other harmful substances cause to families and children of those who use them.  The harms extend far beyond the individual’s choice.  

    1. Yes, Mike, as a special education teacher, you can see the damage caused as a result of substance abuse. Legalizing it exacerbates this damage. It’s a shame that the local governments of the states that legalize marijuana allow “the love of money” to ignore the ultimate consequences to their societies.

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. Hi, Nathaniel, and thank you for writing this informative article about marijuana. It is bad that after increasing toxicity, the enemies of the human race promote “weed” under the pretext of treating ailments!! This is very surprising. You, know, the devil works better through violence and a society taken up by cannabis serves his purpose very well. However, God has not left His people in suspense. Through his word, light flows to enlighten our paths in this life. You have ably shown that Marijuana fall under strong drinks such as alcohol. Since we are warning not to indulge in such substances, God’s people are thus warned. How I wish that we followed this advice!! Thank you so much.

    1. Greetings, Hawumba – There are different varieties of Marijuana. Marijuana without the ingredient THC has medicinal qualities. THC is the ingredient that causes an individual to get high and is contained in recreational Marijuana. In an increasingly toxic environment, the last thing we need is for individuals walking around and driving while high on Marijuana. God’s people are warned, and we should listen.
      Thanks for commenting!

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Marijuana. It’s a great balanced approach to help people think about it from all angles. I knew it had medicinal properties but I never knew it helped so many issues. I think legalising would eventually help because there is a large percentage of our youth who use it because it is illegal. Once it is legal I think some will eventually move away from it because the rush of doing something illegal has gone. But they will just search for something else. There has definitely been an agenda to it stopping it from being legal as there are so many uses for this plant as an alternative for making paper, an alternative to plastic to make bottles and storage things and now they have even made a body of a plane out of it that is stronger than steel. It also produces more oxygen per acre than trees and also has its own natural pesticide so they don’t need to spray chemicals on it to stop the bugs. I am excited to see these options come forward to support society in the future.

    1. Greetings, Graham – Granted, everything has positive and negative qualities. The positive ones aren’t the concern. Negative consequences will always arise when the negative qualities are ignored, and the product is promoted.

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. There were some things that I agreed with and some things I did not. I do agree that the quality and content of marijuana today is not like it was in the past. In fact, I started noticing this 10 years ago. Companies and people are making weird GMO strains and spraying them with chemicals. This could be linked to the psyhosis aspect that you mentioned or the violent behavior. I disagree that you placed alcohol in the same category of marijuana. Viloence is definitely linked to alcohol , we see it every day on tv and in real life.  Both homicidal, domestic, and sexual violence is linked to alcohol. But marijuana doesn’t need to be smoked. This is part of the governmental campaign from discouraging people to do it. They want people to be stressed out and remain in a flight or fight state. They want us in a state of scarcity. Mariujuana is a plant made by God. How can you condemn it? It can be drank as a tea, placed in bath products, used as a lotion, in placed in healing balms. I don’t think God intended for us to abuse it like most people do. Making marijuana with a 25% is too much I agree. When I make my argument, keep in mind, Im talking about the all natural non GMO, untouched by humans marijuana. 

    1. Greetings, Will – The THC in some varieties of the marijuana plant is a natural ingredient that causes hallucinogenic effects on the human mind. These plants are not of the variety used for medicinal purposes, lotions, etc.
      Is the government trying to discourage it? Hardly! It’s the government that is legalizing it! The local governments, for now. In the USA, twenty-three states have legalized recreational marijuana, and there is a push to legalize it on the federal level.
      Also, note that auto accidents have risen in the states that have legalized recreational use.
      Thanks for commenting!

  8. This is an interesting and thought provoking article on marijuana and the Bible. One should differentiate between marijuana that has the intoxicating substance THC, and CBD products that has les than 0.3 % THC, which will not lead to addiction and being high.

    I can see the use of medicinal CBD (without the THC) for certain medical conditions. But the legalisation of marijuana as a recreational drug, opens another set of challenges and questions that we as a modern society, should carefully consider. Thank you for sharing your views and the biblical comparisons.

    1. Thank you for sharing yours as well, LineCowley. It’s always great to hear from you!


  9. Wow, this article raises some thought-provoking questions about the legalization of marijuana and its implications. The author delves into the potential benefits and risks associated with marijuana use, particularly in light of its medicinal applications. It’s interesting to see the extensive list of medical conditions that qualify for marijuana use under the Ohio Medical Control Program. However, the author presents some compelling arguments against the effectiveness of marijuana as a cure-all, citing a lack of reliable clinical evidence.

    The discussion about the increase in mental health problems linked to marijuana use is quite alarming. The author highlights how the higher THC content in today’s marijuana compared to the past may contribute to these issues. It’s important to consider the potential consequences of widespread marijuana use, especially when it comes to mental health and violent behavior, as mentioned in the article.

    The author also explores the deeper issue of why individuals seek mind-altering substances like marijuana in the first place. They suggest that it could be a reflection of a lack of satisfaction and fulfillment in our lives. The biblical perspective presented here suggests that true contentment can only be found in a relationship with God and aligning our lives with His perfect rule. This offers a unique viewpoint on the topic and encourages readers to reflect on their own lives and choices.

    I would love to hear others’ opinions on this matter. Do you think the potential benefits of legalizing marijuana outweigh the risks? How do you view the connection between marijuana use and mental health? Additionally, what are your thoughts on finding true fulfillment and contentment in life? Have you personally experienced the effects of marijuana, either positive or negative, that relate to the points discussed in the article? Let’s engage in a constructive and respectful discussion about this complex topic.

    Warm regards

    M.T. Wolf 

    1. Greetings Mike – I think the benefits of medical marijuana may be worth some risks; recreational marijuana (containing THC), not so much. Statistics indicate that states that have legalized recreational marijuana have a 5.8% rise in the incidence of traffic collision injuries and a 4.1% increase in the rate of fatal crashes. These stats will probably only get worse. The potential for injury and loss of life is not worth it to get high.
      True fulfillment is found in a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

  10. The title grabbed my attention immediately. Last year I was studying investing in a drug company that bases all its products on cannabis. You are absolutely right, many countries either legalized it or are in the process of doing so for recreational use. The future market for recreational marijuana, in my point of view, is huge. I was about to invest.To tell you the truth, I thought about the ethics of what I was doing. I didn’t like it a bit, and I didn’t want to lie or falsely justify it to myself. I decided to ignore the whole industry from my investment portfolio.A very interesting view point on the topic, thank you for the article.

    1. Greetings, – You’ve made a wise decision to follow your heart with this matter. I’m sure you’ll sleep better in the long run.

      Thanks for commenting!

  11. I respect your perspective on the connection between marijuana and mental health problems, scientific studies really have found a correlation between heavy cannabis use and increased risk of certain mental health issues due to its impact on the brain’s neurochemistry. I appreciate how you compared the altered state induced by marijuana to the concept of drunkenness mentioned in the Bible, highlighting the need for caution and moderation in our choices. Great job!

  12. I really enjoyed your article! Yes, even if the Bible does not talk about marijuana, this doesn’t mean that it allows it either. Indeed, the Bible insists on self-control which is a fruit of the Spirit. So how can you control yourself when you are high??? LOL. But I agree that there’s an agenda with the legalization of cannabis. I’ve always thought that they wanted people to be high constantly so that they could tell them everything they want. And people would obey without thinking.

    1. That’s an interesting concept, Angelce, and one worth considering. I believe the agenda is revenue. As the Scripture states, “For the love of money is the root of all evil…”

      Thanks for commenting!

  13. Hello dear!

    I completely agree with your assessment. Today having fun is more important than anything for most of us. Consuming marijuana is taken lightly regardless of the health and moral consequences. The Bible gave us also the example of Noah, who got so drunk that he was naked in front of his kids, which made him lose respect in front of them. We do have certain values that we need to keep in order to be honorable in the eyes of God and our fellow humans, Being drunk makes us lose control and lose sight of those values. May God help us walk accordingly!


    1. Absolutely! Having fun and pleasing oneself has taken precedence over the Word of God. However, one day, there will be time to pay for all of the fun and pleasing of ourselves that has taken place, and a dear price it will be.

      Thanks for commenting!

  14. Hi, I found your website very informative, since I had not yet made my mind up about whether cannabis is on the whole good or bad, since there are many different viewpoints and perspectives given. The relation to mental illness and also to violence is a little worrying. I will monitor your site for updates, Alan.

  15. I just viewed your site and I find it to be very interesting.  Although I don’t recommend marijuana being compared to the bible, if that’s what’s going on there, I do like the site.  A couple of things stood out and one was the second image on the page with the marijuana plant.  I think the plant should be smaller because the large image takes away from the wording and the second thing was the bullets, I think there could be less of them.  For instance, the ones with more priority should take precedent, otherwise great website.  

    1. Greetings, Debbie – The Scriptures are very clear about being “sober”
      (e.g.,1Thess. 5:6). Any substance that causes us to be “high” interferes with being sober; alert. Recreational marijuana falls into this category.

      The bullets are lengthy, however, which demonstrates the extensiveness of marijuana’s effects.

      Thanks for commenting!

  16. Hey there!

    I found this article on marijuana and the Bible to be thought-provoking. While the Bible doesn’t explicitly mention marijuana, it does provide guidance on self-control and avoiding substances that impair judgment. The dangers of drunkenness and overindulgence can be extended to mind-altering substances like marijuana. 

    It’s important to consider the potential risks and consequences of using such substances, especially in terms of mental health, addiction, and the impact on our relationships and responsibilities. The article raises valid concerns and reminds us of the need for self-control and a clear mind. Thanks for sharing this perspective!

    Best regards,


    1. Yes, Israel, we must consider the potential consequences even as marijuana is legalized. Because ultimately, God’s Word and Law are to be paramount in our lives (Acts 5:9).

      Thanks for commenting!

  17. I recently delved into the article on “Marijuana and the Bible” from The Christian Advocate, and it left me with much food for thought. The author’s exploration of the complex relationship between marijuana and religious beliefs was thought-provoking and informative. It presented different perspectives on the subject, highlighting the diverse interpretations of biblical teachings and how they intersect with marijuana use. The article prompted me to reflect on the ethical and theological considerations surrounding this topic. It is a thought-provoking read that encourages readers to examine their own beliefs and engage in meaningful discussions. Thanks for the helpful post and your efforts!

  18. I think you make some valid points. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug, and it can have some negative effects on the brain and body. It is also important to note that marijuana use can lead to addiction, which can have a devastating impact on people’s lives.

    However, I also think it is important to consider the potential benefits of marijuana legalization. For example, marijuana can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions, such as chronic pain and nausea. It can also be used to reduce anxiety and stress. Additionally, marijuana legalization could generate tax revenue that could be used to fund important programs.

    Ultimately, I think the decision of whether or not to legalize marijuana is a complex one. There are both potential benefits and risks to consider. I believe that it is important to weigh all of the evidence carefully before making a decision.

    1. Greetings, Jeffrey – The article contains an extensive list of ailments medical marijuana is considered for treatment. The concern, also pointed out in the article, is the legalization of recreational marijuana, which contains THC. Overall, it is a negative on society.

      Thanks for commenting!

  19. Hi Nathaniel, thank you for sharing this article with some profound insights! It is true that self-control is harder to attain when one’s mind is in a drunken state. In my opinion, I feel that one aspect of curing the “addiction” is how strong our relationship with God is. Every individual’s path in life and how they view the action as “acceptable” depends on the environment they grow up in, and the people surrounding them, as peer influence has a great impact on their thoughts and actions. Especially so in modern times where technology advances quickly and many people have easier access to social media and the unfortunate consequence of it, is canceling the Bible slowly, as you mentioned in the article.

  20. Thank you for this article, I thought it was a well written and balanced article. I tend to think legalisation is a good thing on the whole as I don’t think in a “free society” we should punish someone criminally for using marijuana. Personally I think alcohol is far worse and it’s legal. I agree that it seems most people are looking to fill a spiritual void with material possessions/substances which is a never ending cycle of more and more consumption. We do seem to be losing our spiritual connection and faith.

    1. Greetings, Andy – no doubt alcohol is injurious, and looking at all of the problems it has and continues to initiate, do we really need to add another substance to add fuel to the fire? All of the states in the US that have legalized recreational marijuana have seen an increase in vehicular accidents alone. Individuals will die because of this legislation. Is this really freedom?
      Thanks for commenting!

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